HOOPLA operates with the strictest of hygiene standards, far surpassing the state regulatory requirements. Disposable, or one-time use, files and buffers are utilized for each client.
​• HOOPLA sterilizes non-disposable instruments after each use with an autoclave.  HOOPLA utilizes the same equipment as dentists and hospitals to ensure sterilization. Tools are packaged in sealed, sterile pouches for each client, just like at your dentist's office!
We’re not kidding around!

​• HOOPLA only uses and sells it's own 10 Free mini-polish which is made in the USA and is Peta certified as cruelty free and vegan!  

• Have you read about the dangerous bacteria that get trapped in the plumbing and filters of pedicure whirlpool jets? We have, and it’s not safe.  Not to mention gross! That’s why HOOPLA has custom-built pedicure benches that do not have whirlpool jets, sketchy piping and filters. Soak your toes worry-free with no ick factor!

• HOOPLA Team members wash their hands before each service for your germ protection and theirs.
• HOOPLA cleans and sanitizes each work area after every service with hospital-grade, non-toxic cleaners. In fact, each Studio is deep cleaned regularly by a cleaning service. Now that's GOOD CLEAN FUN!​